Mahabalipuram is also known as Mamallapuram

56 kilometres south of Chennai

66 kilometres east of Kancheepuram

100 kilometres north of Pondicherry

Mahabalipuram was the principal port of Pallava dynasty. It was from here that the Indian emigration to south East Asia took place in the early centuries and all that remains of the one prosperous port town are the impressive rock-cut cave temples. With a mix of magnificent historic rock cut temples exquisite alfresco bas reliefs and inviting sandy beaches brings in a formidable admiration.

Wandering along the main streets one would be fascinated to witness the unbroken living tradition of men without fear sitting in from of huge rocks and working with their chisels creating different kind of Hindu idols and other beautiful sculptures making the whole air clatter with the sounds of chisel on the rock.


The most famous of the rathas consist of a group of five chariots dedicated to five Pandava princes and their wife consort. Life sized stone statues of a lion, an elephant and a bull mount gaurd near the rathas.

Visit Mahishasuramardini Mandapam where you can see the story of the fight between the Goddess Durga, riding a lion in her fight against evil buffalo demon Mahesashra. Also visit quite pastoral scenes from the life of Krishna at Krishna Mandapam cave temple


This surviving Shore temple built by King Raja Simha in the 7th century is a tall Pyramid structure crowned by an octagonal dome and is the one surviving temple of the many built


The master piece at Mahabalipuram is the world’s largest bas- relief with 90 feet long and at an average height of 30 feet. This monument has been called the Fresco in Stone